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?The company was founded in 1984, 1998 restructuring was established;

?In 2001, moved to Nanpi County East Development Zone, became Beijing Quartet, and Lee when the company's main supplier of chassis;

?2003, to carry out international business, in 2004 to become the United States Emerson company suppliers, the main products for the stainless steel stretch pieces (household appliances accessories), sheet metal parts (network cabinet accessories), and so on;

?In 2008, became the German ABB company suppliers, the main products are stainless steel, oxygen-free copper tensile parts, stainless steel sheet metal parts, stainless steel bellows (vacuum interrupter accessories); 

?In 2013, Germany Ville company suppliers, the main products for the stainless steel stretch pump shell;

?In 2016, the company wiring assembly assembly project officially put into operation, marking the company from the chassis, cabinet processing to the electronic device assembly and commissioning, the entire process all completed independently, to provide customers with one-stop service. At the same time the company set up in Germany consignment warehouse smooth operation;

?In 2017, ABB chassis R & D success and mass production, marking the company's chassis products into the European and American markets.

?Company sales revenue from the beginning of the beginning of 200 million, increased to 180 million (2016), an increase of 90 times.


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