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Lide Company was founded in 1998. Currently, it has two production plants in China and a marketing service warehouse base in Europe. The main products are electric power automation protection equipment, rail transit automation control systems, industrial automation control cabinets, traditional Chinese medicine automation equipment cabinets, environmental protection water treatment equipment components, medium and high voltage vacuum circuit breaker components, precision semiconductor equipment components, and so on.

The company adheres to the development concept of high-end customers and high-end products, and many product technical indicators have reached international advanced levels. Its main customers are Fortune 500 companies: Siemens (Germany France), ABB (Germany France Finland India), Emerson (United States), Actant (United States), ASCO POWER (United States), Parker Hannifin (United States), Amisco (Italy), WILO (France Germany Korea), Noah Hydropower (Israel) DAB (France, Italy, Hungary), Franklin (Italy), etc. Domestic customers are leading enterprises in the power protection industry, industrial automation control, rail transit automation control, medical equipment, and other industries. For a long time, we have provided experimental samples for scientific research institutions such as Tsinghua University, Harbin Institute of Technology, North China Electric Power, Southwest Jiaotong University, Aerospace Science and Industry, Electric Power Academy, and Railway Academy.

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