Material Selection of Power Cabinet

With the advancement of technology and the application of many electronic devices in daily life, electromagnetic radiation has emerged as the times require. So, how much radiation does the host computer of the electronic cabinet have?

Most people will care about choosing LCD to avoid large radiation from CRT displays, but many people have not noticed that the accessories inside the electronic cabinet are also a significant source of radiation. Some users may experience discomfort such as dizziness after using the computer for a long time, which is actually related to the radiation level of the host computer and whether it is used correctly. For example, some users remove both side shields in order to provide better heat dissipation for the host, which means that the function of shielding radiation is lost.

An electronic cabinet with excellent workmanship and materials that meet specifications can shield radiation to a safe level during normal use. Of course, it is impossible for the chassis to be completely free of gaps and ventilation holes, and a reasonable aperture size is a very important step. According to scientific research and experiments, the ideal aperture size is r/30 (r is the wavelength), which can not only meet the heat dissipation requirements of the chassis, but also effectively prevent electromagnetic wave radiation.

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